April 27, 2013

Join us on our new website: www.calgarysolarcar.ca

Hello everyone,

This will be the last post on this website. We’ve moved to an all-new website! You can find us now at www.calgarysolarcar.ca!

Feature-rich and interactive, our new site is going to deliver next-level content and give you a peek into our work like never before. What we do, and more importantly, why we do it, it is at the core of this new site. It’s slick, beautiful, and responsive. This new site is fully integrated with our Facebook and Twitter feeds to bring up-to-date content right to the front page. And it has a great mobile version to follow us on the go on your smartphone or tablet!

Worried about not being able to look up old blog posts? Don’t fret! Any blog post you would have found on this site or from our previous blog (www.calgarysolarteam.blogspot.com) is on the new site! We’ve brought together our team’s entire online presence since 2007 under one roof.

Thanks for following us all these years, and please continue to follow us in our lead-up to our Alberta Tour and WSC 2013!

As always, you can find us on Facebook and on Twitter!

We’ve got some exciting times ahead. See you on the other side!

Riccardo Palladini

Communications Co-Manager

April 7, 2013

Sponsorship Updates

The past couple of months have been very successful for the sponsorship team, and we are eager to update you on our progress!

Firstly, the sponsorship team is excited that ConocoPhillips Canada, a long-time and dedicated sponsor, has decided to increase their investment for our project. ConocoPhillips had also provided us with invaluable support in the 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia. We are grateful that they will continue to play a critical role in our success in this year’s World Solar Challenge.

Secondly, BP Canada has agreed to increase their funding support and is now a Gold Level Sponsor! Their commitment to our initiative has been tremendous throughout the years, and we look forward to their continued support to ensure the success of our project.

Thirdly, the team is excited to announce that Bonnie Huynh will be taking over as Sponsorship Manager from Nizar Walji effective May 1, 2013. Nizar will be graduating this year and will be participating in the 2013 World Solar Challenge. Bonnie’s commitment to the team has been exemplary and we look forward to her taking this team to new heights. We would like to say thank you to Nizar for all of his hard work and success this year.

Finally, the sponsorship team is also working closely with our Communications team in arranging the Solar Car Team’s participating in the Calgary  Youth Science Fair, a BP sponsored event, which will be held on April 19th and April 20th. We are also continuing to pursue our fundraising objectives and we are hopeful that we will be able to achieve our target.

Sponsorship Team

April 3, 2013

The race logistics team has been really busy preparing for our upcoming Alberta tour and World Solar Challenge. To give you an idea of what we’ve done so far, below is a list of our major milestones. We have successfully:

•   Booked pre and post race accommodations
•   Booked international flights to and from Australia
•   Selected the race convoy vehicles and driver arrangements
•   Participated in ongoing fitness training for the drivers on a weekly basis
•   Selected a shipping vendor and streamlined our international shipping process
•   Planned the race testing activities including an 8-day Alberta tour and closed-course solar car testing
•   Succession planning for the 2014 race logistics

The race logistics team will only get busier in the next few months leading up to the Alberta Tour and World Solar Challenge. I’ve been so lucky to have two amazing coordinators working closely with me to ensure we’ve thought through every detail and optimized our race team preparation. Riccardo Palladini and Brenda Nguyen both joined us this year and have been phenomenal team members, a true testament to what this team is all about.

Our solar car drivers prepare physically before any race as it helps develop endurance, core strength and concentration. These skills are important when racing a solar car across the outback. I have started attending the driver fitness training sessions and our trainer, Crystal, definitely makes us work! Below are some pictures of us breaking a sweat at the last session. Although the exercises are challenging, I always find it to be lots of fun and a great break from studying. The sessions, I’ve noticed though, are getting easier, but we all know that it’s just us getting better! It’s really great to see other team members attend as well.

There are so many other great things on the horizon for the team; this is by far one of the most exciting times on the team since I’ve joined. I hope you will all continue to follow our progress and share with us our journey toward driving change!

Brigitte Sullivan
Race Logistics Manager

March 15, 2013

Update on Upcoming Events!!!

After the success of unveiling Schulich Delta, the communications team has now begun to plan for the Schulich Delta Alberta Tour, as well as summer events in and around the city. April is beginning to look like a busy month for the team. We are honored to be a part of the first Western Robotics Competition which runs April 4th-6th at the University of Calgary Olympic Oval. There will be high school students competing from across the country.

On April 19th we are also very excited to be involved in the Calgary Youth Science Fair, which is also being held at the University of Calgary Olympic Oval. This is a great event that involves approximately 800 students, Grades 5-12, from Calgary and surrounding areas.We will be available in the center of the oval in between the two judging periods.

Our Alberta tour will be taking place from May 6th – 13th. During this tour we will be driving around the province of Alberta testing Schulich Delta, while also reaching out to as many communities and schools as possible. As the communications team, we are involved in planning any school visits or community events that happen on the tour. Lake Louise and Edmonton are just a couple of the many cities and towns that we plan to visit on the tour. More detailed information about the route is to come. Keep your eyes peeled on the Alberta highways for our newest generation!

As a team we are committed to attending at least two events per month from May to August. Currently we are looking forward to participating in the Kite and Renewable Energy Festival being held in Airdrie, Alberta on July 20th.

We hope to see you all there!

Jillian Stephenson

Communications Manager

March 6, 2013

Electrical Updates!

The past month has been all about testing for the electrical team. Team members have been busy testing new systems on Schulich Axiom against previous versions and tweaking designs, while eagerly awaiting the completion of Schulich Delta’s bottom shell. Once the bottom shell is completed in the coming weeks, we will begin the laborious task of mounting the electrical systems on the new car and then begin testing on the new platform.

In the coming months there will be many long days in the shop working to get everything installed in Schulich Delta. For example, the array alone contains several hundred electrical leads that need to be connected in an orderly manner. There is also a lot of wiring to be done to complete the battery pack and power system for the new car.

Since my last update, our array team has reached a major milestone and has produced a full cars worth of good quality encapsulated cells. I am extremely proud of our teams ability to produce such a vast amount of quality encapsulations in house.

After all the hours of design and testing, we are all eagerly awaiting the day when we see it all come together on Schulich Delta.

Ian Haigh
Electrical Engineering Manager

March 4, 2013

Touching Base and Getting Closer to the Race!

With the World Solar Challenge (WSC) just months away our team has been in full swing preparing for the event!

On the engineering side, our team has been busy testing Schulich Delta. This past week Schulich Delta’s chassis and suspension underwent drop testing to ensure safety. Safety is an important aspect  of our team. Before a driver gets behind the wheel we use simulations and test our car to ensure it is road ready. Electrically, Schulich Delta’s new central communication system (CCS) was tested with positive results.

Our business team is just as busy planning and organizing our race logistics! We have our accommodations, motor home and other vehicles all organized for WSC. We are now in the process of organizing flights and finalizing our shipping plans.

We are also busy planning our Alberta Tour, which will take place in May. For those of you who are new to our blog, every year in the spring our team tours around Alberta for one week. During this time we get to practice our convoy driving, which has proven to be a great experience in the past for our upcoming races! We also make community visits where we showcase our car and give presentations about the importance of sustainability.

Race Logistics and Communications have been hard at work planning our community outreach around Alberta. Stay tuned on our twitter (@UofCSolarTeam), Facebook and our blog for more updates on where we will be heading in May!

Susie Kubik
Project Co-chair and Business Manager

February 26, 2013

Steps Forward

With the prototype construction coming to an end, it’s now time to complete our safety testing and proceed with the construction of the final model of Schulich Delta. The prototype has been extremely helpful for us. It has allowed us to confirm our construction methods and given us an idea of how long the build will take. In the future, it will also allow us to perform various tests, including drop and crash tests to ensure the structural integrity of Schulich Delta. On top of all that, the prototype has been an excellent learning opportunity for the team and is a great symbol for of all the hard work that has been put into this car. We are all finally seeing our ideas and designs come to life!
Over the next couple months we will be working on the construction of our final model of Schulich Delta. With the track testing planned to begin in early April, the team has a lot of work to do until then. This reading break, we have been hard at work finishing up the bottom aeroshell for Schulich Delta. We have learned a lot from the production of the prototype and the build is already going much smoother. Everyone knows the exact process and therefore, we have been able to build parts that are stronger and lighter
in much shorter periods of time. Once all of the safety testing is complete, we will be moving right along to the construction of our custom, fully carbon fibre chassis. In no time, we will have a complete car ready to race in the World Solar Challenge!

Mech team members working on the bottom aeroshell!

Matt Johnson
Mechanical Engineering Manager

February 15, 2013


We would like to start off by congratulating everyone for the success of the unveiling of Schulich Delta on February 1st. What an incredible event! We received many compliments from our sponsors, which is a reflection of the dedication of our talented team. The sponsorship team had a chance to meet and mingle with many current and prospective sponsors at The Hyatt. This was the first big event for both Stefano and Jasdeep, since joining the Solar Car Team this past September. It was a fantastic experience and we’ll use this as stepping stone to continue to make our events bigger and better.

With the unveiling successfully completed, the sponsorship team will continue to work hard on securing more funds to meet our budget. Two major upcoming events in the months ahead include the Alberta Tour in May and the World Solar Challenge (WSC) in October. During the Alberta Tour, Schulich Delta will visit rural communities and schools in Alberta. People will have the chance to see the team’s Generation 4 car up close and the team will have the opportunity to educate the communities we travel through by passing on our message of the importance of moving towards a more sustainable future. The WSC, a much anticipated race, spans 3,000km and traverses across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. There is strong global participation in this event. In 2011, there were 37 teams from 21 countries. We are extremely proud that we finished 18th overall and 1st amongst Canadian teams. We are looking forward to even more success this year. Please wish us luck with the challenges and adventures that lie ahead!

Stefano Giovannetti, Jasdeep Hayer, Bonnie Huynh & Nizar Walji

Sponsorship Team

February 3, 2013


On Friday, February 1st 2013, The University of Calgary Solar Car team had the privilege of unveiling our fourth generation car: Schulich Delta. The unveiling of Schulich Delta was one of the biggest events we have hosted thus far. It made us proud to see people appreciating all of our hard work, whether it be with regards to the unveiling itself, or more importantly our new car. It was great being able to thank our sponsors and supporters in person.

The design of Schulich Delta is unlike any of our past generations. It is considered a more realistic car as it provides room for two people and plenty of space in the trunk. We are hoping that this new design will connect more with the community and in turn promote sustainability to both individuals and society.

During the unveiling we were fortunate enough to have some remarkable speakers. Our Race Logistics Manager, Brigitte, did a wonderful job emceeing the event. Our co-chairs, Mico and Susie, really represented what our team and vision are all about through their speeches. I cannot stress enough how much work they have put into this team, and we have been able to reach these milestones because of their leadership. Apart from the car, our unveiling really revealed the passion and the effort we put into trying to educate, innovate and inspire.

We would like to give a special thank you to President Cannon and Dr. Lynne on their amazing speeches and support. Also, once again thank you to our sponsors and supporters.

Expect many more great things to come from Schulich Delta!

Check out the links to the media coverage of the unveiling:

Global TV news story (video):


Global TV online story:

Calgary Herald, Ottawa Citizen, and report on the new Schulich Delta solar car (page B2 in Saturday’s Calgary Herald):




CBC-TV Calgary (after commercial, drag button to 28:35 mark):


Brenda Nguyen

Race Logistics Co-ordinator

January 31, 2013

Schulich Delta

Hello everyone,

There is less than 24 hours until the unveiling of our fourth generation solar car. It has come a long way from being merely an idea less than two years ago. The team has worked hard to produce a novel car, best described by one word: change. To honour the car and the team’s new direction, our fourth generation solar car has been appropriately named Schulich Delta. Named after the fourth Greek letter and mathematical symbol for change, Schulich Delta illustrates the very foundations that solar car racing is built on. This project goes far beyond the classroom and workshop; it is a message to the world that sustainable energy and solar technology is closer to our homes than we think.

After seeing a large number and a wide variety of solar cars in my time with the team, I can truly say that Schulich Delta is pushing boundaries and redefining the standards of a solar powered car. At this Friday’s launch, we will showcase the ground-breaking design to many of our current and potential supporters. Join our team and myself in celebrating the new generation of solar car racing.

Mico Madamesila

Engineering Team Manager

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